Hello world!

Hello world. Welcome to my new blog Living Lela’s Life. I am fully comfortable that i am a Gemini Vata who is not happy unless i am juggling multiple projects.  Although i am a multi passionate person, i have narrowed my post down to just a few things.

I am a self taught Photographer and I love to share my art.  Please feel free to comment on them and let me know how you feel about them.

I have been blessed (or cursed) with an excellent palate. I can taste everything in a dish down to the type of oil they use.  So i have decided to put this super power to use and go out in the world and bring you my reviews of foods from around the world.  Please sign up for my newsletter to receive restaurant reviews, coupons and recipes.

I also am a gluten free and vegan dessert baking fanatic.  I am always on the quest to making ‘Good for you’ Vegan and Gluten Free yummy desserts.  So check in here for updates on my new cookbook ‘Sweet Creations of a recovering FLOUR child: A new path to a gluten free and vegan life.’ ©

My apothecary and alchemist passion led me to create Naturally LeLa 2005 ©.  A Natural and Organic ‘Good for you’ Cosmetcueticals. Goats Milk Soaps, Lovely Lip Balms, Sugar Scrubs and Aromatherapy Massage Oils. So you will hear me talk about easy ways to create your own beauty products from items in your kitchen. Also stay updated on my new booklet ‘Smoothies for the soul and slathering them on your face’©

I am a yoga/meditation teacher so I often write about classes, workshops or retreats that I have attended. My newsletter will reflect time and places for free Rogue Yoga classes  in the park. Quick and easy yoga series and spiritual awakenings that I feel in my heart to pass on.

And finally the Gemini inside me, allows me to be art and business minded all in one.  I have a Personalized Business and Social Media Consulting Service called Business Love 101.  ‘I have faith that you are the best at what you do. Now let me help you take the stress-free path to getting the rest of the world to know that too.’

So there are a lot of things here, i know. But this is the Life of LeLa. It fun, overwhelming, exciting, creative, passionate and all things that come straight from my heart. So welcome and thanks for visiting me today 🙂

Have a peace filled day.



I love to hear what you thought about this post. So please comment away....

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