Posted in July 2012

We can smell happiness….

Did you know that we can smell happiness? Yup!  We respond in an involuntary way to smell, this is due to the wiring of the olfactory pathway.  The olfactory nerves go first to a primitive region of the brain called the limbic system.  The limbic system is a collection of brain structures situated beneath the … Continue reading

Waste not…..

Whenever i am cooking something and i end up with a small piece of ginger.  I grate it and put it into a mason jar with coconut milk.  Allow this marinate over night in the fridge and the next morning you will be so happy you did not waste that little piece of ginger.  Wow! … Continue reading

Alternate Breakfast

All my life i have eaten some sort of egg-something for breakfast. My favorite was 3 egg omelet with fresh veggies from the garden, cheese and maybe Hollandaise sauce (also eggs) over top. Accompanied by 2 pieces of bread and butter and a big cup of coffee.  Yup! that was my breakfast for about 15 … Continue reading

The Smartest Kid on the Block

The Smartest Kid on the Block

Think of the positions that we put ourselves in all day, every day. We Stand up, Sit down, we lay on our backs, lay on our sides, even lay on our stomachs. How often do we go upside down? Doing an inversion at least once a day will help to Relieve Spinal Pain, Improve Blood … Continue reading

Dont turn into stone

As I get older it gets harder and harder to hit the ground running.  Muscles get tight, shoulders come to ears, and so on.  Here is a quick 10 minute, easy, feel good yoga practice that can be done right as your roll out of bed. Step 1: Get out of bed: Plant both feet … Continue reading

I am not Perfect, I need Love too!!

I was taught in Yoga Teacher Trainingwhile teaching a class, you teach, not practice.  We were taught to only bend half as far or extend to half your ability, in the effort to not intimidate your students.  You may be flexible but your students may not be. When I am teaching my yoga classes. I … Continue reading

true self

“Every thought, feeling, perception, or memory you may have causes a modification, or ripple, in the mind.  It distorts and colors the mental mirror.  If you can restrain the mind from forming into modifications, there will be no distortion, and you will experience your true Self”- Swami Satchidananda Are you living your true Self? or … Continue reading

Stay calm and belly breathe

Stay calm and belly breathe

Next time you get anxious, nervous or overwhelmed try a little diaphragmatic breathing. Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair.  Place your hands on your belly to bring consciousness to your ‘belly breathing’. Slightly contract the abdominal muscles. As you breathe in allow your belly to fill up like a balloon. And as you … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the wall….

Mirror Mirror on the wall….

Mirror mirror on the wall…  Who has a best Uttanasana of them all? I have a dancer’s background. Taught at a young age to utilize the full length mirrors on the walls to correct form and to stay on beat with the rest of the class during the routine.  I spent a good 15 years … Continue reading