How big is your scaffolding?

The ego can be seen as the scaffolding around a building.  It is what keeps us up. What keeps us safe until we are ready to expose to the world.  According to the yoga sutras rajas (creations), tamas (destruction) and sattva (preservation) are the energies that regulate our daily actions and emotions. They exist within everything. Everything is created. Everything is preserved or sustained and then everything must be destroyed.  It is the way of life.

Samskaras are traits embedded to our way of being. Things that we have picked up along our lives that have contributed to our survival.  It could have been something small but not so insignificant that we unknowingly tack on to our survival scaffolding.

The ego is what protects us. It is stable and strong and can go up against the most intense situations.  It may not always be right but it is what has gotten us through our entire life and what we tend to lean on in difficult situations. It often turns into a false reality really what is reality and to whom is that judge?

We all see a different reality because everyone has built a customized scaffolding full of their own samskaras.  If we can start to take away the scaffolding, one beam at a time, then we can start to live within our Atman (true self).  Yoga and meditation gives us strength to rebuild our Atman within.

Breath, Balance and Blessings



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