yoga road signs

A few days ago i posted about my first day at yoga teacher training back in 2010. It was a post about how my inner voice was making me doubt myself about shaking legs in Warrior II. Well, two years later, after many hours of teaching and even more of self study i wanted to tell you what my thoughts are now on shaking legs. I LOVE THEM 🙂 LOL.

See Satya (the study of self) reminds us that we are all human. That we will always have fears and we will always have difficult days.  I think the best thing about yoga is knowing who you are. Where are your boundaries. What can you do today is not what you will do tomorrow. Realizing the now and where you are in that NOW.

I have learned to welcome the shaky legs, the unbalanced days and the inner chitta.  I treat them almost like road signs, showing me where my days have been and a pointer as to where i should go from here.

A true yogi recognizes, acknowledges and moves forward

Breath, Balance and Blessings



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