Animal Allergies: What Every Pet Owner Should Know

Last summer my rottie/beagle, Lucy, had such bad allergies that eventually she lost all of her hair. Naturally I freaked and started to do as much research as possible on pet allergies. I did so much that the company, I currently work for, considers me to be an expert on this subject.

(Lucy starting to lose her hair on her neck)

Allergies are so tough to get under control because there are so many possibilities. Through my research I have found the following symptoms and solutions.

1) ECOLI: If you find that your animal is biting in between its paws and it might have red or dark streaks on its belly it could be a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

(Lucy with red burning streaks on her belly-Laying with cooling NONI LOTION)

Almost all bladder infections and utis are caused by e-coli. They lodge in the bladder and kidneys with hook-like appendages. This causes irritation, inflammation, and erosion of the delicate tissues. In my experience the best thing to overcome this is URO CLEANSE. It contains D-Mannose, which unhooks the irritating ecoli and reduces inflammation.

2) FLEAS: If you find that your animal is biting its lower back and itching constantly then it could have an allergy to fleas. Even just one bite can create a reaction. I highly recommend CedarCide . Its all natural. Safe for humans and even cats. I must say that I have never seen fleas just fall off, like i have with this stuff. Trust me. I want to buy stock in it!!

3) ENVIRONMENTAL: Be careful of what chemicals are being sprayed on and around your lawn. Is your dog park sprayed? Take into consideration the types of cleaners you use in your house. Is there a certain fabric softener that might be on his bed? Could it be the shampoo or the stuff the spray on them at the groomers? All this could be leading to your dogs allergies.

4) OVER VACCINATION: Most times the animals immune system cannot handle the amount of vaccines given within a short time period. Especially if the animal is already predisposed to an illness, vaccinations will just be the tipping point. If you think this is the case you can try Celloquent it draws out heavy metals (Lucy gets this every morning) and helps to boost the immune system. Another great remedy is thuja 30x .

5) THE FOOD: One sign of a food allergy could be if your animal licks the carpet. This is a sign that their tongue is itching. Does he have GI upset? Is his hair falling out? Does he Itch all the time? 9 out of 10 times its the food. Check to see what you are feeding them. Does it contain CORN, WHEAT or SOY products?  More and more holistic vets are recommending not to use any food with Soy, Wheat and Corn in it.  This parallels what allergenist are telling their human patients. Do you understand all the ingredients that are in it? Do you know what Animal Digest is? Its all very scary and i think that its time for a change.

There are a lot of great grain free foods out there and a lot of discussion on raw diets. I think some of the leading experts on raw diets are my good friends at BARF World They are very knowledgeable if you have any specific questions.

The following is what I went through before I found the right combination of food and supplements to bring my Lucy back.

I knew I had to get away from the kibble. Even though it was top of the line it still had grains in it and that had to go. So find a fiber source that works for her. I tried a bunch of things and found that Oatmeal is the most gentle and did not cause any reactions.

I cut out the super expensive canned food, so then I had to find a protein. I started with raw chicken. Lucy LOVED this but her allergies got worse. Come to find out dogs can actually be allergic to chicken….Who knew??. We did lamb but it was too expensive and hard to find. Lucy wouldn’t eat ground turkey. No body in my house hold eats pork. So that left us with Beef.

Then I had to make sure that she was getting all her proper vitamins, oils and minerals. So we added some veggie pulp from our fresh juices and SUPER FOOD SUPPLEMENT.

Ta da! We did it. Lucy’s hair grew back in thicker and fuller than ever. She hardly ever scratches. She’s happy. Im happy and I got a good blog post out of it.

Continue reading to see how I prepare lucy’s allergy free meals:

Start with 2:1 Water and Oatmeal. Bring water to boil. Add oatmeal. Simmer for 5 mins.

Dump into big bowl and allow to cool.

Thaw out beef roll in the refrigerator. It takes about 48 hours.

I buy our beef at Sam’s Club. I have found that it is the only beef without Pink Slime that is also good quality for the price. I buy 10lbs for $30.50. 90/10 beef

Get out a scale and cover it with saran wrap. Tear off as many long pieces of saran wrap as can fit on your table, put on food grade gloves and its time to start the production line.

Lucy is 40lbs and Oscar is 60lbs. I take the middle road and prepare for a 50lb dog.

They need 1/2lb meat each, twice a day, for a total of 1lb of meat a day.

There’s my ‘vacuum’ waiting patiently for me to drop something on the floor 🙂

Once the meat is weighed, move it over to an empty piece of saran wrap, until your table looks like this

Weight out 1/4lb of Oatmeal for each piece of saran wrap

Add .15lbs of Veggies. note: If you do not juice and therefor do not have the extra pulp to add, then I recommend steaming the vegetables. Also keep in mind which vegetables are NOT suited for animals. CLICK HERE to review the list.

This is Oscar, our 20 year old bearded collie. He just came in to see what all those great smells were about:)

Wrap up each meal, in its saran wrap, making sure all spots are covered. Place them in a casserole dish or on a cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator.

They will last about 7 days in the refrigerator before the start to turn.

After everything is put away make sure to clean your surfaces and utensils with Bleach then wash with water.

I add their supplements in right before I feed them and they love it!!

In conclusion there are a lot of diets out there.

Cooked turkey, brown rice and spinach.

White rice, cooked pumpkin and boiled chicken.

Oatmeal, Cottage cheese and sardines.

There are places like Nature’s Variety, Wild Kitty, Barf World and more.

Play with it. Notice how your animal reacts to what you are feeding them and go from there.

If you have any questions regarding this post please contact me by commenting below. Also comment below if you would like to share what diet works best for you and your animal 🙂

Thanks for listening and have a peace filled day


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    • Quiet the conundrum. A great natural allergy vitamin for humans is ALLER 7. Also take into consideration your food, environment, vaccines and other immune suppressors that could be triggering your allergies. Good luck and thanks for the comment. 🙂

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