Easy and Quick DIY Solar Dehydrator

I love to dehydrate fruits and vegetables but I have bought, returned and broke so many dehydrators that i was getting extremely frustrated. Finally my mother and I came up with the easiest and most reliable dehydrator.

We found 2 storm window panes and a screen at a garage sale

                                  Apply the thickest installation tape, that you can find at the hardware store, to the corners. Both on the top and the bottom of the screen.

Start stacking one glass pane, then the screen, then the other window pane on top of that.

The foam tape allows for air flow. This is crucial to remove all the water content in the items being dehydrated. The glass panes help draw in the suns heat and keep bugs away.

Position on a table and in direct sunlight

Easy to clean. Just spray down with the hose.

Happy Dehydrating



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