Mirror Mirror on the wall….

Mirror mirror on the wall…

 Who has a best Uttanasana of them all?

I have a dancer’s background. Taught at a young age to utilize the full length mirrors on the walls to correct form and to stay on beat with the rest of the class during the routine.  I spent a good 15 years of my life judging myself in a full length mirror.

Now as I grow up and I continue my Self Study through yoga and meditation. My personal belief is that the last thing that should be in a room when you are in a yoga class, is a mirror.

Yoga is about looking inside. Knowing your body and asking yourself if an asana feels right.  Not if you see in the mirror if it looks right. Listen to your teachers words and adjust your body to how you feel that asana should be.  Know your body, its limits and its abilities.

Yoga teachers should have stressed to you at least once that your yoga mat is your space. Nothing else should matter. Not even if the person in front of you folds further, or the girl next to you is wobbling, or if you dont perceive yourself to be perfect in the mirror on the wall.  Yoga classes are for you and you alone. Utilize that class to help reach your intention for that day.  Block out the rest of the world. All the chitta. All the self doubt and just be…there…on your mat.

The next time the man in the mirror starts to come out and to play with your ego. Simply remember your intention. Take a soft gaze to the floor in front of you and be exactly whoever you are in that moment in your body, on your mat, in your class, in your world.

Thanks for listening. Remember Breath, Balance and Bright Blessings- LeLa

What are some emotions that you experience in yoga classes?  I would love to hear your comments below.


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