I am not Perfect, I need Love too!!

I was taught in Yoga Teacher Trainingwhile teaching a class, you teach, not practice.  We were taught to only bend half as far or extend to half your ability, in the effort to not intimidate your students.  You may be flexible but your students may not be.

When I am teaching my yoga classes. I teach. When I attend someone’s class I want to learn and do my practice.  As I walk into the yoga space, I leave all my pride, knowledge and flexibility at the door.  I quietly walk in, lay out my mat, close my eyes and listen to the words that the teacher is telling the class to do.  I revert to inside. I continue my long journey of self study with my practice.

I may know what all the asanas are, I may be unusually flexible, I may have what you call ‘perfect ‘ form, but this does not mean that I am perfect. I am not and not many people are.  I am here to learn from you, my teacher.  I am here to get your fresh perspective on my practice.  What I think may be right, might not be.  So adjust me, tell me, I can always learn more.  That is why i am here. TEACH ME!!!

I know as a teacher it is intimidating to get seasoned yogis. But as a seasoned yogi, they should know, that they are still walking their path and they are in that class to learn more.  So teachers…..TEACH THEM!!! If these seasoned yogis are offended by your adjustments, then they have a lot more to learn, then they think they do.

Yogis: Do you sometimes feel left out of the class, because you appear to already know?

Teachers: Do you sometimes get intimidated because there are seasoned yogis in your class? how do you handle this feeling?

I would love to hear your comments below

“When you think you have gone as far as you can with an asana. Go further and find space” –Angel Grant

Breath, Balance and Bright Blessings



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