The Smartest Kid on the Block

Think of the positions that we put ourselves in all day, every day. We Stand up, Sit down, we lay on our backs, lay on our sides, even lay on our stomachs. How often do we go upside down?

Doing an inversion at least once a day will help to Relieve Spinal Pain, Improve Blood Circulation, Controls Indigestion, Decreases Mood Swings, Enhance Immunity, Counteract Insomnia, Help you look and feel better, Improve Flexibility, Help Maintain Proper Posture, Strengthen Bones, Dissolve Stress, Maintain Height into old age and last but not least Make you Smarter.  Allowing blood to flow to the brain helps our cognitive functions improve.  We are able to retain more information, think quicker on our feet and multi-task with ease.

There are many ways to take an inversion.  You could run out and buy an Inversion Table or Inversion Chair (they range from $150.00-$400.00). You could hang over the edge of your bed (Free but a little tricky) or you could do some down dogs (my personal favorite). Whichever form you take do it with ease and remember to breathe.  *Caution: Do not do inversions during menstruation. Do not do them on a full stomach. Lay down flat, at least half the time that you were inverted.*

To discover an easy way to get into down dog CLICK HERE

To find out more about the health benefits of inversions you can CLICK HERE

Happy Inverting

Breathe, Balance and Bright Blessings



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