Alternate Breakfast

All my life i have eaten some sort of egg-something for breakfast. My favorite was 3 egg omelet with fresh veggies from the garden, cheese and maybe Hollandaise sauce (also eggs) over top. Accompanied by 2 pieces of bread and butter and a big cup of coffee.  Yup! that was my breakfast for about 15 years.  About 4 years ago I found out that i was not only allergic to gluten but eggs as well. So what is a recovering flour child to do? Starve. I was at a lost for about two weeks.  I had no idea what to eat.

Then one lovely day in pittsburgh I was at my yoga teachers house for breakfast and she was eating the most peculiar thing. A breakfast where eggs were not the main attraction.  She told me that her Italian mother used to give her a plate in the morning with a few slices of cheese, a few nuts, some fruit, some lemon curd and bread.  It changed my view on breakfast and i started to eat again. Yeaya! Of course i altered it to fit my dietary needs but now my fail safe breakfast is generally: A handful of nuts (walnuts are great brain food), 2 different kinds of fruit (usually apples and something else- Apples are cleansing) and *vegan lemon custard.  You can add a gluten free bread like Udis or other but i am allergic to yeast so i do not. Filling, tasty and most importantly Good for you! 🙂

*recipe will be offered in my upcoming e-book ‘A recovering flour child takes on Desserts: Vegan and Gluten Free Desserts’


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