Yoga is like Pizza….

Does  your day go something like this? Wake up. Make coffee. Feed Dogs. Water Plants. Go to the gym. Workout. Shower. Get dressed. Drive to work. Do mindless repetitive things at work. Go to grocery store. Drive Home. Cook Dinner. Feed Dogs. Crash in bed. Do all over again. And again. And again.

We often run through our days as if we are set to auto pilot.  Our legs are walking but are we really thinking about how to walk?  We drive but do we really think about driving?  We go to work but seriously how much ‘brain’ power really goes into your daily work?

On a regular day we tend to get stuck in either the body, walking on auto pilot or in the mind, studying or over thinking. How often does one intentionally link both body and mind together in our actions?  This is where yoga comes in.

Yoga: To Yolk.  To connect. To join.

Yoga is a tool to help us connect the mind and the body.  A tool for meditation. An ever constant reminder to breathe while you move, with grace, into an asana thus consciously linking both mind, body and breath.

If we tend to be too much in our heads, it grounds us.  If we tend to be too much in our bodies, it makes us conscious of our movements.  Hopefully obtaining optimal balance between both mind and body.

So how is yoga like pizza? Even if you didn’t quiet care for the class or the teachers style. It is still an opportunity create your space on your mat. Take some time to focus on yourself. Breathe and center.  Pizza is always good. Anytime. Any place. Cold. a few days old. Always Pizza. Always great. The same goes for yoga. No matter where, when or taught by who. good, great or just an o.k class.  Its always yoga and its always an opportunity for you to link body, mind and soul.

Go to Yoga Class……..Breathe……..Stretch……….Be Strong………Connect…………Relax………….Enjoy………..

Breath, Balance and Bright Blessings




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