Too good to be true

Why do we think that things are too good to be true?

What does that even mean?  Does it mean that good things are not true?  Does it mean that we are not deserving of good things? Or are we all so desensitized from the few bad people, that did not have your heart in mind, that when something comes out and it seems its too good to be true, then it is??

I recently found myself launched into a wonderful life change, with a wonderful opportunity . With whole heart intentions, i wanted to share it with my friends, but instead of it being excepted in the way that i thought it should have been. It was rejected and ‘spammed’. It was thought to be ‘too good to be true‘.  Even my own sister thought it was spam.  Are we that removed from goodness that we think everything is bad?

We all worry about our future, our security, and that is life. But is that life? Personally life without risk, is boring and sad.

You have to ask yourself… Who are you living this life for? Are you living life? Is this where you thought you would be?

If money was no object what would you be doing right now? Feeding the poor? painting? sailing around the world? What could you change right now to tap back into those dreams. To divert this current path to meet up with the path you were supposed to lead.  What is your soul’s passion and purpose? There is a great line that goes “the best part about walking down a path, is that you can always turn around and go back.”

A few months ago i watched an amazing documentary about the wonderfully talented Bob Marley. And one thing i noticed, about his rise to the top, is that he always said YES! He said YES to every opportunity that came his way.  It made me think how often do i say YES? At the time not as much as i would have liked.
Since then, i have been saying yes to every opportunity that excites my soul.  If we do not say yes and walk exciting edges then our life dries up and gets stagnant. Who wants to live a stagnant life?  Not me! So I take risks. I go down new paths and if i fall, i fall. I remind myself that we only learned to walk after many many falls.

  So in conclusion. Take risks. Be different. Close your eyes and jump once in a while. Walk down a new paths. Dream big and stand out!! I promise you life will be so much more exciting. 🙂

I would love to know what are the things that are standing in your way of following your dreams? comment below.

Blessings of YES

– LeLa


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