Life, enlightened

I moved to Portland, Oregon a few years back. It rained everyday for the first 6 weeks i was there. I was drowning in depression. The skies were pale and lack of color, my clothes were constantly wet and I could not allow myself to surrender to the cold dampness seeping into my soul.  One day I met a Bodhisattva, and he changed my mind and my outlook on life forever.

It was a typical rainy, grey day in Portland and I was getting off the city bus, at my usual stop, at the corner of 2nd and burnside. I had stepped onto this corner many times before. But this time, as the crowd pushed past me, I found myself corralled off to the side of the bus stop structure. My head hung down, as it did for 98% of the time, so not to get rain on my glasses lens. I tried to push pass the people filing out of the bus, when i heard a man’s voice say, “Smile and the sun will come out.”. Out of the hustle and bustle of the city, this man’s voice was delivered right to my ears. “Smile and the sun will come out.”  This time delivered with a chuckle. I twirled around searching for the origin of this delightful phrase. Then I stopped.  I looked upon a jolly man sitting behind the bus structure, against a tree.  He looked as if he slept on the streets. Smut had gathered under his nails, his clothes were tattered and he was not wearing any shoes.  He had few belongings, but what he did have was neatly tucked between him and the tree.  Then he said it again, as his eyes locked with mine. “Smile and the sun will come out.” He smiled. Which in turn made me smile.

I pulled my head up in the upright position. It felt strange and cramped, for this position was no longer my normal.  I pulled my head up and smiled. Right then the rain stopped and  the sun came out:)  Since that day I have purposefully put an emphasis on acknowledging my surroundings. I try to be thankful for every encounter i have, with anybody; because you never know who may have been sent to be your Bodhisattva and change your world.

Bodhi meaning Body and Sattva meaning enlighten. These spiritual beings pop in and out of your life, usually without notice and not in usual form, to deliver a message or make sure that you are following the right path.
Have you ever experience a Bodhisattva visit and how has it changed your life? Please comment below.


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