Sit down and Shut up

I recently watched Jeff, who lives at home , it was about a man who, one day, decided to listen to the signs of the universe which lead him to his destiny. I really enjoyed this movie for many reasons but mainly because i find myself doing the same thing. For example, in the morning when I market for my Father’s Natural Pet Supplement Company. I log onto my face book and scan over the news feed. I pay attention to what subjects my friends are discussing. The great thing about this is that different groups of friends, that are in different parts of the world and have never even met each other are talking about the same general topics at the same time.  Why is this? Is it because there is a general energy of the universe? A typical playbook that we all unconsciously tap into? or are we all connected and just aren’t aware to it? One has to ask how do we wake up and tap in?
There is a theory that God is inside us. All we have to do is turn down the radio, turn off the tv and listen.


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Have you ever lost your keys? Your search and pull things apart. Yelling at yourself that if you had just put them in the key basket then you wouldn’t be running late for work. The more you yell, the louder your internal voice gets, the more stuff you throw around the house and the more you CANNOT find those darn keys.  Then something tells you to stop. Sit down and breath. You get up for a glass of water and there sits your keys on the counter top?  Has this ever happened to you?  That realization that made your stop, quiet down and listen to the connections of the universe and those around you, that eventually allowed you to find your keys is the God within you and your connection to the rest of the world.

So what is my point? Its very simple. Take some time to sit down and listen to your inner God. Put forth extra effort to listen to what the universe is trying to tell you and maybe your day will turn out to be more purposeful then your had ever thought.



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