Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 Journey in Photography

Just a few more days before we let go of 2012 and invite in the beautiful start of 2013. This was the year of Frankenstorm, the Mayan apocalypse, finishing out the dark ages and walking into the age of Aquarius, Letting go, reuniting, realizing which dreams should stay dreams and which will become realities  and  much more.  As for me I learned to stand in my own strength and walk my own path.  I cleared out old projects to make room for new. I moved across the country and then back again. And most importantly i chose to be happy.  In 2012 many doors have opened and so many roads have cleared that I find it difficult to find the words. Here’s a glimpse into my 2012 journey with photography.

Click on any picture to get it in full screen and get purchase options. When you get to the end of this post i would love to know what your insight to my photo journey of 2012 was.

Summer in Taos, NM 2012


I find myself so blessed to have had the privileged to spend a summer in Taos, NM. The Skies are so bright blue, and the clouds so soft, that I started to believe i lived inside of a painting. It was beautiful.

The Solar Eclipse Taos, NM 2012


This picture was taken without a film lens cover.  I was not looking when I took this picture in fear that I would go blind, due to the solar eclipse.

Bell Rock Sadona, AZ 2012

cropped-p5245198.jpgAs long as I can remember my mother has been talking about going to Sadona. Finally this year we jumped in the car and drove across the desert to Sadona. It was a delightful road trip.

The Pudget Sound off the shore of Bainbridge Island, Wa.

Mt. Rainer

Mt. Rainer

I have many fears but i decided a long time ago that i wouldn’t let them stand in my way of exploring and enjoying life. Sailing in the shadow of Mount Rainer was definitely a great life experience.

Off the port of Seattle, Wa

yellow bird

On the Ferry to Seattle International Airport. Its 6am and the freezing. I stand humbled as the sun rises and the birds float beside us.

Wheeler Peak – Taos, NM

cabin mtnsel

My sisters and I hiked Wheeler Peak at the Taos Ski Valley over Christmas break. Although i hated every moment on the way up, as soon as i got to the top it made me realize that all hard things should not be hated only looked upon as challenges:)

Pittsburgh, pa 2012


Walking down the streets of pittsburgh, pa. I reflect on the simplicity that I have given my life and smile to my beautiful future.


HAPPY 2013 Love and Peace to All


I love to hear what you thought about this post. So please comment away....

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