Vegitarian Sloppy Joes

It is an uphill battle with people who believe that protein only comes from meat.  There are many cultures around the world that have never eaten meat and are well nourished. For the last year I have been taking multiple Ayurvedic Cooking classes and have solidified my belief that the energy that is created when an animal is killed, is the energy that is ingested into your body. Thus creating a tomastic (negative) energy in ones digestive system. Everything is energy. We eat to create energy. Why eat something that is marinated in negative energies?


There is a world of protein sources available that do not contain flesh.  Click here for protein ratio questions.  My favorite source of protein is the Mung Bean.  I pretty much use it whenever i think about a recipe with ground meat.  The texture is similar and the natural earthy flavor can be altered to have a meat-like flavor, if desired. Below is my version of Vegetarian Sloppy Joes. The turned out really great!

Prep your Mung Beans: Lay the dried Mung Beans out on a sheet pan to making sure to remove the stones.  Stones are easily found in mung beans.  Then place them in a large bowl. Cover with water. Cover with a clean dish towel and allow to soak over night or 12 hours. Drain off liquid and place in a slow cooker, on high, with 1 Bay Leaf. Cover with new liquid and simmer for 12 hours. After 12 hours, once the beans are very soft, drain off excess water and remove the bay leaf. Put to the side.

Cook desired amount of rice. Add onions and peppers


Add a can of tomatoes in juices


Add Mung Beans


Add the following seasonings to taste: Cumin, Chili Pepper, Onion and Garlic Powder, Salt, Lemon Pepper and Coriander

Stir all ingredients together


Serving suggestions: Topped with cheese. On top of bread. Or just as it is.

I promise you that this is so much more healthy and filling than regular Sloppy Joes. You should feel the proper amount of fullness and completely energized.


Note: Mung Beans are perfect for those looking to cook on a budget.  They are about $2.00 lb and when cooking for a family of four 1/4 C is more than plenty, because they expand in the overnight soaking process.  I would much rather see one eat mung beans, if on a budget, than ramen noodles.


One thought on “Vegitarian Sloppy Joes

  1. nice recipe. healthy & filling. …i also like to use Hemp Seed, raw shelled, as a source of Protein. One can consume that straight, as is,…a few tablespoons, or, add it to ones meal. Do not heat. Expensive, but it’s an Excellent source of protein.

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