Daily Prompt: Perspective

Do we create our own realities?

I have always loved New York.  The feeling of being something so small, but definitely being significant, in a world of rush and many. I think New York is beautiful in the spring time. Its just warm enough to enjoy a walk down the street in a light sweater. The nights are cool enough to sink into your lovers arms in Washington Square Park and comfortably people watch.


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I jump at any opportunity to go to New York.  A few years ago, my cousin offered to drive me to a conference in New York.  Previously stated I LOVE NEW YORK!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClick here to purchase this photo and more like it

My cousin…..not so much. I remember this one night; the warm slightly summer air was whisking through the village, as were we. I was on the hunt for this tiny hole in the wall restaurant that sold THE BEST coffee cinnamon gelato. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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As i was practically skipping through the streets of The Village i noticed my cousin was not having as grand of time as I.  Now we are practically the same age. We were walking down the same street. Inhaling the same air. Looking at the same scenery. But we were having two completely different experiences.


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Where I was memorized by Federal style brown stones, she was disgusted by the trash and the dirty buildings. When i played and skipped through the park, she saw homeless people, trash and danger. When eating at the hole in the wall I experienced fantastic ethnic and creative food, she couldn’t enjoy any of it because the restaurant wasn’t ‘grand’. The list goes on and on. The question is why did i see and experience one thing as she experienced another?

The answer is WE ALL CREATE OUR OWN REALITIES. We see what we want to see.  Why? Call it a survival mechanism. Call it perspective. Call it Quantum Physics. Call it ego: the structure we create around our souls to protect ourselves from what is really happening. Call it whatever you what to call it. But the reality is depending on our cultural background, the way we were raised, how we were raised, what group we ran with in high school, what we studying in college, what tv shows we watch. It all adds up to what we see and how we see it. Its all PERSPECTIVE!

green spirals

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“Observations not only disturb what is to be measured, they produce it.” –Pascual Jordan



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