LeLa Yoga

I graduated Antioch University in 1999 with a BA in Linguistics, which gave me a foundation to understand and communicate the language of yoga philosophy.  For example our world is full of great energies.  Our bodies are our antennas and our asanas are a way for us to communicate with these energies.  Meditation and breath will always get you where you need to go. A strong practice, on and off the mat, will bring you more health and fulfillment into your life.  With these in mind I became a Yoga Teacher to assist in facilitating your growth and help you find your path to your practice.

I am blessed, to have been born into a family of yogis. I grew up knowing the benefits of yoga and meditation for your health and well being.  I practice yoga because it makes me a better person. I teach because I want to share with others the love that yoga awakes inside me.

After years of classical training in dance, gymnastics, Bikram, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga I received my teacher certification with The Yoga Alliance in 2010.

My classes are open and accessible to all levels.  More Specifically, I offer creative sequences of traditional asana (posture flow) that allows students to decide the amount, of challenge their individual bodies need, and which will draw them into a more connected relationship with their bodies and a deeper sense of relaxation.

I continue to draw from my yogic studies with Joanne Valicenti VandenHengel in Pittsburgh, Pa , Max Strom in Oregon, Erich Schiffman in Yellow Springs, Richard Gardner, Amma’s Amirta Yoga and many more.  I have a lifetime Self Study ahead of me.

Breath, Balance and Bright Blessings


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