Rogue Yoga


The idea of Rogue Yoga came to me in 2009, when I decided that my Karmic Yoga in this lifetime was to offer yoga to all.

Rogue Yoga Philosophy: The benefits of yoga should be available to all people no matter if they can afford it or not.

Why is it called Rogue Yoga? Because it is held generally in unusual yoga spaces.

Who can take part in Rogue Yoga? Anybody. Young, older, seasoned yogis or just starting out.  Men and women. Rogue yoga is tailored to suit the specific qualities of that ‘class’

What do i need to bring? A yoga mat, water and a small towel

What kind of yoga is taught? Generally Hatha Yoga

Where and when is Rogue Yoga? Subscribe to this blog and i will update post the day before a ‘class’.  Currently classes are in Taos, NM.  Starting September 15th 2012 classes will be held in Pittsburgh, Pa

How much does it cost to participate in Rogue Yoga? Rogue Yoga is FREE. Donations are always appreciated. You can gift a donation at the end of ‘class’ or you can make a donation, of your choice, by clicking:

Breath, Balance and Bright Blessing


If you would like to know about LeLa and her teaching style CLICK HERE


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