Natural Beauty

Naturally LeLa© products are beneficial for the mind, the body and the soul

     They are always made free of dyes, colorants, filling agents, lye, sodium lauryl sulfate and ethanol. We are very particular about the ingredients we use in our products because we know that you deserve the best ingredients on your skin.

                              “I started Naturally LeLa in 2002 out of a need for skin care products that didn’t irritate my skin. I grew up learning the medicinal ways of my ancestors using plants and ingredients from the earth.  So I took this ancestral gift and started mixing butters, waxes, oils and herbs. Alchemy and Apothecary energies instinctually ran down my arms and to my finger tips until I came up with Naturally LeLa’s all natural skin care line. I know that you will enjoy them as much as i do.” – LeLa Becker founder and creator of Naturally LeLa ©

“Live Simply, Live Well, Live Naturally LeLa©


Naturally LeLa© is moving back to the east coast. So i am having a moving sale. Click on this post to get WHOLESALE prices and FREE shipping on Soaps, Lip Balms and Bath Teas. Sale ends Monday 8/13/12


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